PMG Audio’s Apx (read Apex) is a culmination of all of our experience in designing, tuning and building In-Ear Monitors. It is our answer to the question of an ultimate product if there are no constraints or limitations in design or technology and price is no object.

Apx is not a simple product – it is a story – a story about luxury, uniqueness, exclusiveness, it’s a story about the sound and immersive experience that comes with listening, finally, it’s a story about the process, passion and legacy. Every single detail of this IEM has been thought through over and over again – made to perfectly capture a vision of a true flagship.

Experience the balanced yet engaging sound, see the real amber accompanied by perfectly fitting hand-painted housing, complemented by high quality materials – wood and metal


Apx creates its own world and puts you in the center of it. Whether it’s a small studio, concert venue or philharmony, Apx can precisely render a playback environment and position instruments in the most precise way.

We put most of our attention to achieving correct tonality, level of engagement and emotions, creating a sound that is never boring and pulls you into its own universe.

 Apx has been equipped with all custom-spec drivers, coupled with in-house developed technologies which place this IEM at the forefront of the audio reproduction. 

Unique rectangular Planar Speaker in combination with 10mm PEEK diaphragm Dynamic Driver renders the most realistic bass response with perceivable vibrations without relying on overpressurizing of ear canal or bone conduction transducers. 8 custom-designed Balanced Armatures support lower-midrange, midrange, upper-midrange, and high frequencies. Topped with a small round planar speaker for natural-sounding, extended highs.

Apx can be described as effortless, bringing great tonal balance and clarity to music without any limit of stage capacity, delivering enveloping, textured and layered image.


Spec and packaging

PMG Audio Apx

Limited Launch Edition: 25 pieces worldwide



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